The Hero's Journey

Everyone has a different path, some will have transformative experiences through one journey or may come back every few months to keep the work going. Others will need more frequent, ongoing sessions, or a series of sessions close together as an intensive container; especially those ready to heal from trauma or other clinical concerns.

Conscious Cannabis Circles (5hr)

Conscious Cannabis Circles are invitation only psychedelic journeys for healing, growth and transformation held in a safe community setting. We’ll learn to journey deeply with Cannabis through guided meditation, mindful breathing practices, somatic awareness and the use of evocative music. Sign up for our newsletter if you’d like to hear about these intimate ceremonies (8 persons maximum).

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Initial Consultation (20 minutes, free)

The initial consultation is offered via phone or video. This gives us an opportunity to ask and answer questions, discuss possible session protocols, set session fees and determine if we might be a good fit to work together.

Preparation and Integration Sessions (1hr)

Preparation sessions are required before psychedelic Cannabis sessions to prepare the journeyer to navigate the psychedelic space by practicing skill sets and setting clear intentions. Integration sessions are required after psychedelic Cannabis sessions to help translate the gifts of the journey and bring them into the lived experience of daily life.

Sober Mindful Journeywork (1-2hrs)

Mastering mindfulness tools in a sober environment makes them more accessible in highly emotional or stressful states. These clear minded sessions are great for building skills for self-guided work or larger psychedelic experiences. We also recommend these sessions for highly sensitive individuals or people with a traumatic past to get a lay of the land before going deeper with plant medicine. These sessions can be via the phone or in person.

Psycholytic Cannabis Session (2hrs)

These shorter sessions benefit clients who prefer to stay sitting up, those who are learning the skill sets for longer psychedelic experiences, or those who wish to add intentional Cannabis to ongoing sessions. Psycholytic sessions generally involve a brief imbibing ceremony with lower doses; clients often engage in more discussion, art activities, ecotherapy (sessions in nature), therapeutic movement or seated meditation throughout the session.

Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy® [CAPT] (3-5hrs)

During a psychedelic Cannabis session, the client is guided to connect with intentions in a ceremonial container. There is then an invitation to lay down with an eye-shade and go inward while carefully selected music is played. The practice during the journey is to turn towards and follow whatever arises with acceptance; the guide will be there every step of the way to provide orientation, guidance and support for the therapeutic process to unfold.

Shorter three hour sessions benefit clients getting started with the work and those who are sensitive to the medicine. Longer five hour sessions benefit clients wanting to work with clinical concerns and those more experienced with Cannabis or other psychedelic medicines.

For those looking for significant transformation and trauma resolution, the recommended structure is CAPT intensives, each with two psychedelic Cannabis sessions scheduled within the same week. Often, the first session evokes the material and the second clears it.

“A widespread and radical consciousness transformation is urgently needed...”

-Stephen Grey


To support the accessibility of psychedelic therapy to diverse communities, CannaCocoon offers need-based and diversity sliding-scale of up to 30% for low income, vets, students, BIPOC, and LBGTQQI clients- please inquire if needed.

Community Conscious Cannabis Circles (5hrs)

$150 per person

Hourly Rates

Clinical, with Licensed Psychotherapist, $180/hr

Non Clinical, with Credentialed Psychedelic Guide, $150/hr

Preparation / Integration Sessions  (1hr)

Clinical $180

Non Clinical $150

Sober Mindful Journeywork (1-2hrs)

Clinical $180-$360

Non Clinical $150-$300

Psycholytic Cannabis Session (2hrs)

Clinical $360

Non Clinical $300

Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy (5-7hrs total)

*one 3-5hr CAPT session, plus 1hr prep & 1hr integration*

Clinical $900-$1260

Non Clinical $750-$1,050

Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy Intensive (8-12hrs total)

*two 3-5hr CAPT sessions, plus 1hr prep & 1hr integration*

Clinical $1,440-$2,160

Non Clinical $1,200-$1,800

Private Group Circles

Rate based on travel time, group size and other considerations, please contact us to plan a private event.

“Inquiry strengthens both our capacity to be with something and the person who is being with it.”

-Gabor Maté

Breathwork Sessions

Our breath is our primary tool for healing. We incorporate breathwork into sessions as appropriate to elicit or intensify psychedelic states of consciousness, flush out blocked energy, reinvigorate the body, mind and spirit and engage our holotropic unfolding towards health and wholeness.

Breathwork can be incorporated into sober journeywork or psychedelic Cannabis sessions.

Vibroacoustic Therapy

With our specially designed Sound Healing Mat, low frequencies are passed through the body helping to activate and clear stuck energy. Music sets are a mix of acoustic and electronic material custom designed to support the feelings that arise and help them move through.

The Sound Healing Mat can be incorporated into sober journeywork, breathwork or psychedelic Cannabis sessions.

Couples or Dyadic Sessions

When appropriate, psychedelic Cannabis sessions may be attended in pairs to allow two journeyers to benefit from the psychedelic experience. Dyadic sessions can support couples, friendships or familial relationships for clients wanting to work intentionally on their relationship with one-another, or to support each other's individual process in a more affordable container.

Distance Sessions

Any of the above offerings (with the exception of Vibroacoustic Therapy) are available from the comfort of your own home using secure video via Zoom.

Small Group Journeys

CannaCocoon also offers private psychedelic Cannabis group journeys, please let us know if you are interested in planning a group event with us. Private group events can support team building in small businesses, celebrate life transitions, rights of passage, and build consciousness within your own community.

Training, Seminars, and Workshops

With burnout plaguing the field of mental health professionals, we offer experiential training and consultation in Cannabis Assisted Psychedelic Therapy for clinicians and other healing professionals interested in the emerging field of psychedelic therapy for personal and professional growth and resilience. We also consult with clinicians wanting to learn how to support their clients in developing a conscious relationship with Cannabis.

It is important to note that psychedelics are not a panacea. The psychedelic experience shows us what is there and helps us clear what is in the way; the main work is done as we learn to integrate the gifts and take right action in our daily lives.

“After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water” (Zen Proverb)

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: CC Journeywork LLC dba CannaCocoon fully complies with all local and California State Cannabis laws and all federal regulations. We are a harm reduction, mindfulness service and education company. We do not promote illegal activities or provide resources for obtaining illegal substances or illegal psychedelic psychotherapy services. Mindfulness Based Psychedelic Therapy is not psychotherapy although it works well as an adjunct support.

CC Journeywork LLC dba CannaCocoon does not provide or sell cannabis for any aspect of our program and it is not a retailer, supplier, reseller, distributor, agent, representative or subcontractor of any cannabis supplier or retailer.

As a psychedelic harm reduction program we do not support the misuse or abuse of Cannabis, any other drug or psychedelic medicine. Nor do we believe that Cannabis or psychedelic medicine exploration, even within the confines of applicable laws, is appropriate or beneficial for everyone.